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This is a must-watch video about one of us trying to reach the stars :-)

Well done #HRejterzy

[Advanced Excel] Database with an Input Form

I was asked to create a database of students using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Excel. It required an input form, print method, and some other features. VBA isn't something I play with every day at work. Nonetheless, each time someone asks me for help and it requires to have some programming skills to accomplish the task - I'm your man to face the deadline. VBA can be extremely helpful when it comes to working with Excel. One should know at least some basics in order to shorten the time they spend on working with data in a spreadsheet. The final result was quite impressive and this isn't my opinion :-) I leave some screenshots below and the whole project free for downloading and mining the code.


vba code 0

vba code 1

Download xlsm (7z file)