Video of the week

This is a must-watch video about one of us trying to reach the stars :-)

Well done #HRejterzy

Share permissions along with NTFS - How To

Today I'd like to present how to combine share permissions and NTFS when granting network access to a particular resource for a particular user (or group). I've made a graphic that tells more than a thousand words.

  1. Create a root folder where other folders are to be stored.
  2. Share the root folder for Everyone with Full Control - this will allow you to focus on NTFS permissions only. Go to Security tab - Advanced and Disable inheritance. Leave SYSTEM and Administrators only. NTFS will deny access granted by Share permissions in the end. By sharing a folder with Full Control permissions we are sure that Share permissions won't interfere with NTFS. If you deny access at the level of Share permissions, NTFS won't matter. That's why we want to focus on NTFS only (NTFS is more important than Share permissions and we should rely on it).
  3. Go to a particular folder inside the root and assign proper permissions for each user individually.
  4. Optionally add proper access for other groups or anything you want or you think is necessary.