Video of the week

This is a must-watch video about one of us trying to reach the stars :-)

Well done #HRejterzy

Rachel's English

Recently I've joined a very nice channel on Youtube. Its owned by Rachel who teaches people how to sound more like a native - which is something I've been seeking for a long time. Rachel has a great number of followers on Youtube and it's not a coincidence because (in my opinion) she's one of the best in the business. She's got her own online academy where you can find a lot of videos which are there to help everybody improve their speaking skills and the way your English sounds. You can find more about the academy here.


There are more Youtube channels which I consider very helpful in terms of improving language skills. You can visit mmmEnglish - here. Another one is Go natural English with Gabby Wallace - available here and the last one I'd like you to visit is JenniferESL - here. If you know more channels similar to these, which could be very helpful as well, please leave this information in a comment.